Sun.Jun 16, 2024

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The Biggest Branding Mistakes Nonprofits Make: 3 Essential Fixes

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Lyn Chamberlin , founder of LC Leadership – a strategic brand development consultancy. Branding can make or break a nonprofit, yet many organizations struggle to communicate their value effectively. Despite meaningful and transformative missions, nonprofits often fall into common branding traps. Small and medium-sized nonprofits, in particular, often lack the resources and expertise to craft compelling narratives, engage supporters, and clearly define the problems they address.

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Can AI help your nonprofit?

Nonprofit Leadership Podcast

How can AI help your nonprofit? Today’s guests are going to continue a conversation I had a few months back with Justin Spelhaug of Microsoft. The topic is AI, and more specifically the good use of AI to benefit your nonprofit. So how can AI be used for good to help you and your organization? Rob’s guests are going to talk about just a few of the ways they are seeking to do just that.

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How to Overcome Career Stagnation: Step Into Your Power And Take the Lead

Fundraising Leadership

Issue 262 — June 16, 2024 There’s a common struggle that many women face: the feeling of being stuck in their careers, and that despite putting in their best efforts, they’re running in place. It’s a frustrating and disheartening experience, one that can leave any woman questioning her ability and worth. I once held the same position for 18 years, and there were several times when I found myself feeling stale, bored, and not bringing my full energy for the job even though I was as committed as e

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