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18 tips to help you become a kickass writer!

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Hi everyone, before we get started on today’s topic, if you’re free on December 7th at 4pm Pacific Time, please. Humor Writing

A Guide to Form 990: FAQs and 3 Best Practices for Success

NonProfit Leadership Alliance

Written by: Mathew Tooker. Reading Time: 7 minutes. Your nonprofit had a successful year organizing fundraising campaigns , hiring new employees, and expanding awareness of your cause. Your fiscal year is coming to a close, meaning that the tax filing deadline is quickly approaching. .

Comment on 27 Ways to Cultivate Donors and Build Deep, Lasting Relationships by Sari McConnell

Amy Eisenstein

Building on creating a committee, I like a one-session task force. What should our gala theme be? How can we attract more sponsors?) Less intimidating time-wise than a committee and achieves a similar cultivation effect


Art Is a Catalyst for Healing

NonProfit Quarterly

Image Credit: Samuel Regan-Asante on What if I told you that we all possess the power to heal and transform how trauma manifests in our bodies? Further, music, art, and creative expressions are portals through which we can activate our power to heal.

Everyday Philanthropy: The Power and Joy of Giving Back

NonProfit PRO

As nonprofit leaders and their teams know all too well, every gift matters and makes a difference to the communities nonprofits serve. But philanthropy isn’t limited to giving money. There are many ways to be a philanthropist and advance the causes that are important to you.

Strengthen Year-End Giving With These Marketing Essentials

Foundation Group

The post Strengthen Year-End Giving With These Marketing Essentials appeared first on Foundation Group®. Funding

Comment on Want to Raise More Money when Fundraising? Go on a Listening Tour by Designing a Donor Wall to Reflect Your Values

Amy Eisenstein

[…] some conversations, go on a listening tour, do a little survey and let us know what you come up with, because we’re really curious to […

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Venmo Introduces New Features to Help Customers Spend Smarter this Holiday Season

NonProfit PRO

This holiday season, Americans are experiencing the highest inflation in four decades. With the price of food, gas, and goods breaking records, Venmo has made improvements to the Venmo app to help customers spend smarter this holiday season.

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Fundraising: Do positive or negative messages work better?

Jeff Brooks

Some fundraisers insist that effective fundraising must put "negative" information in front of donors -- that is, a problem for them to help solve. Others say we should inspire donors to action by showing them positive change that they can become part of by giving. Which is right?

5 Ways to Manage Volunteer Expectations

The Volunteer Hub

Exceeding volunteer expectations is the best way to retain them. What are your volunteers hoping to gain? What does a good experience look like to them? Here are 5 ways to manage volunteer expectations.

How to Make Twitter Analytics Save Your Next Business Step?

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

How to Make Twitter Analytics Save Your Next Business Step? Twitter Analytics can help you track how well your tweets perform, find out who’s talking about you, and measure your success over time. This guide shows you how to make 110% of it.

A Movement for Free College

NonProfit Quarterly

President Joe Biden’s recent decision to cancel up to $20,000 of student debt for certain borrowers marked an important first step in acknowledging and repairing the United States’ broken higher education infrastructure. Of course, Biden’s executive order is presently stalled in court.

Charity Begins at Home

NonProfit PRO

I tried years ago to instruct my children the importance of giving and charity for others. My parents taught me that it was better to give than receive. I love to give and see the look on someone’s face when they receive a gift, especially those who deeply appreciate the act of giving.

New Fundraising Effectiveness Project Report Shows An Increase In Dollars Raised Despite A Decrease In Donors


Disclosure: Bloomerang is one of several software providers that helped the Fundraising Effectiveness Project collect the data analyzed in the report we discuss in this post. .

2022 Nonprofit Holiday Gift Guide

NonProfit Leadership Center

Anne Frank once said that no one ever becomes poor by giving. That’s especially true when your gifts benefit nonprofit organizations that are working to strengthen communities.

How to Help Donors Give Astutely Before Year-End


Do you want to risk not receiving generous gifts you could have otherwise received, just because you failed to go the extra mile to share relevant, useful and even critical information?

Good Medicine: Centering Food Justice Work in Indigenous Maternal Knowledge

NonProfit Quarterly

Image Credit: congerdesign on This article concludes the Community Strategies for Systemic Change, a series co-produced by the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and NPQ.

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7 Nonprofit Holiday Bloopers

NonProfit PRO

Well, as a special Thanksgiving message, I wanted to share some holiday bloopers I’ve seen recently. I typically go through my stack of mail once a week to scan in new ideas or things I particularly like because I learn from what you as fundraisers do at your nonprofits.

6 Tips for Setting the Stage For Your Auction

The Killoe Group

When hosting any fundraising event, the attendees themselves (read: potential donors and supporters) are likely at the forefront of your nonprofit’s strategic planning. But there are other elements to consider when auction planning that are just as important.

Why your culture determines your brand

Nonprofit Leadership Podcast

What kind of brand and what kind of culture do you have? Is there a gap between how you see your brand and how your community see your brand?

Dr. James explains what happens when fundraising metrics go bad


Fightin’ words. Want to start a fight in a fundraising comment section? That’s easy. Start talking metrics. Opinions are often passionate. And they often conflict. One author explains why 26 metrics are “essential.”[1]

To Save Legal Aid, Expand Public Service Loan Forgiveness

NonProfit Quarterly

Image Credit: Yoann Boyer on As a lawyer, I wasn’t prepared to be poor, Black, and ashamed. But just three months into my career as a police misconduct attorney, I received an endless stream of debt collection calls.

Strategic Planning Themes: A Look Back at the Past Few Years

NonProfit PRO

What are strategic planning themes? How could I identify them? How might they evolve year-to-year? Understanding themes and trends offers numerous benefits to you as a leader since they can help inform decisions and strategies.

Comment on Just Say No to ‘Thank-a-Thons’ and Other Harmful Gratitude Practices by Sayla Kimber

Amy Eisenstein

In reply to Ilana Bernstein. If I get behind on my thank yous I start with “First of all my apologies for taking time to send this email” and then tell them why – kitten season is kicking our butts is my reason right now.


3 Meaningful Ways to Say Thanks

Veritus Group

The best way to say thank you is to do so authentically. Here are a few ways you can show gratitude to your donors and your team. The post 3 Meaningful Ways to Say Thanks appeared first on Veritus Group. Communication Relationships Thanking

The Power of Digital Advocacy

Stanford Social Innovation Review

By Nina Hall. An excerpt from Transnational Advocacy in the Digital Era on how advocacy organizations have adopted digital tools for their work


How Can the Inflation Reduction Act Work for Communities?

NonProfit Quarterly

Image Credit: Alesia Kazantceva on In late October, UC Berkeley’s Othering and Belonging Institute (OBI) launched its Climate Justice webinar series.

More Than 2000 Museums Across the Globe to Participate in Museum Store Sunday

NonProfit PRO

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, Museum Store Sunday will commence with the current count at 2,033 museum stores and cultural institutions across the globe participating in this annual event. Merchandising News/Stats/Studies museum store sunday

5 Best Nonprofit Monthly Giving Program Examples

The Kindful Blog

Earning revenue from a variety of sources helps stabilize your nonprofit’s finances. Growing your monthly giving program in particular fosters a reliable revenue stream that can carry your organization through challenging times.

Why Your Newly Launched Startup Should Be Using Google Ads

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Why Your Newly Launched Startup Should Be Using Google Ads. Google Ads are valuable for any startup with any budget. Check out why you should consider starting with Google Ads to promote your startup. The marking stratosphere has changed considerably in recent years.

The Nonprofit Communicator’s Guide to Handling Holiday and Year-End Stress

Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog

This time of year nonprofit communicators have the unenviable situation of not only having to deal with the normal holiday stress most everyone else deals with, but also the added strain of coordinating year-end campaigns at your nonprofit.

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The Social Contract: What’s Missing in the “Historic” Biden Legislation?

NonProfit Quarterly

Image Credit: Pierre Bamin on How can movements transform society to advance economic justice? Much of this struggle takes place outside government, but the role of the state is important. For one, the public sector is a large part of the economy.

Who Wins and Who Loses on Giving Tuesday

NonProfit PRO

Amidst all the excitement of Giving Tuesday, we’re missing an opportunity to highlight how major giving days can reinforce inequality, further ensconcing us in a system where there are winners and losers — too often along lines of race and class.

Updated: Avoid Giving Tuesday

The Fundraising Authority

“Avoid GivingTuesday Like the Plague!” ” That headline didn’t create much of a stir when we first wrote the article in 2013. During a recent interview with the Chronicle of Philanthropy , I was asked if we still stand by those words.

The Real Secret to Better Donor Communications

Joe Garecht

Most fundraisers I know are frustrated with their donor communications… their fundraising letters aren't raising enough money. their e-mail newsletters aren't being opened , and. their websites aren't getting enough traffic.

Don’t Blow Your Post-Holiday Opportunity to Thank Your Nonprofit Supporters


For good things once a year is not enough. Why do so many of us only eat turkey once a year? Or pumpkin pie? I’ve no idea! It’s surely not rational. These are special foods we value and take great delight in. Yet we get into a bad habit of thinking on auto pilot.

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Nonprofit Fundraising Revenue


Five Good Ideas to Increase Your Nonprofit Fundraising Revenue. Let’s keep it simple – five easy ways to increase your Nonprofit’s fundraising revenue. Treat Major Donors Differently. Leverage Your Board. Increase Foundation Proposals. Create a Monthly Donor Program. Grow Your List of Prospects.