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Donors Want Value: How Nonprofits Can Deliver More

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Focus on achieving value for donors’ giving should be the guiding principle of every nonprofit. Philanthropic organizations should focus on how they can provide more services with their resources. This focus on need, and how to fulfill it, can lead to more efficiency and effectiveness.

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Volunteer value reached almost $32 per hour in 2022


Candid has reported that new data from Independent Sector and the University of Maryland’s Do Good Institute estimates the national value of a volunteer’s time in 2022 as $31.80 per hour national estimate for 2021, this finding is a continuation of the steady two-decade-long trend of the growing value of a volunteer’s time.

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Promoting a Shared Values-Led Culture for Your Hybrid Workforce

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But we’re here to tell you that shared organizational values, as embodied by culture, influence everything else in an organization! It’s imperative to position your organization’s shared values as the Read more The post Promoting a Shared Values-Led Culture for Your Hybrid Workforce appeared first on Nonprofit HR.

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Why you must deliver value in fundraising, not just take the money and run


It’s harder to think, “One day we’ll deliver value to a donor worth a million-dollar gift.” Delivering value as a goal Charities often don’t get a million-dollar gift because they aren’t trying. But they aren’t trying to deliver that much value. In fact, delivering value to the donor may not even make sense to them.

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Honoring Values for Personal Growth and Success

Successful Nonprofits

Explore the importance of living by your core values through a compelling personal experience. This blog recounts a decision to decline a

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Seven Nonprofit Core Values Examples

Prosper Strategies

Nonprofit core values get a bad rap in the strategic planning world. While most nonprofit people dive into mission, vision and identity development with excitement and inspiration, core value development seems to elicit apathy at best. The post Seven Nonprofit Core Values Examples appeared first on Prosper Strategies.

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Find More Happiness at Work Using Your Values

Mission Minded

As you plan your 2023, put your values front and center. Here are three values-forward steps for a happy and successful new year. The post <strong>Find More Happiness at Work Using Your Values</strong> appeared first on Mission Minded.

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