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Managing the Transition from a Working Board to a Governance Board

NonProfit PRO

Here are five reasons an organization may transition its board from a working board to a governance board, and how to protect board members.

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9 Essential Nonprofit Management Skills & Development Tips

NonProfit Leadership Alliance

As a nonprofit professional, you understand that investing in your staff is the best way to develop your organization. While some skills are innate, many nonprofit management skills can be taught. That makes it a critical investment for any nonprofit looking to achieve long-term success.


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What is a Charity Governing Document?

Donorbox Nonprofit

A governing document is essential when starting a nonprofit in all countries because it provides a legal and operational framework, ensures transparency and accountability, clarifies the charity’s mission, and facilitates effective governance and financial management. appeared first on Nonprofit Blog.

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Common-Sense Governance

NonProfit PRO

While nonprofit board management is complicated, some of the complications can be addressed through basic common sense. Here are a number of common sense and tested suggestions that may reduce at least some of the complications that can affect achieving nonprofit board success.

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Embracing partnership: A promising paradigm for nonprofit governance 


Traditionally, nonprofit governance has been perceived through a hierarchical lens, with board members primarily overseeing and guiding the organization’s direction while staff execute the operational tasks. The nonprofit governance orthodoxy Nonprofit governance operates within a framework of three legal duties.

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Why You Should Leverage AI For Nonprofit Data Management


In the realm of nonprofit organizations, effective data management is essential for optimizing resources, enhancing donor relations, and achieving mission-driven goals. However, many nonprofits grapple with the challenges of managing data efficiently due to limited resources, disparate data sources, and manual processes.

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AI-Driven Talent Management Considerations for Nonprofits

NonProfit HR

The nonprofit sector has always thrived on its ability to adapt, innovate, and shift in response to changing demands from government, private sector and the public and in support of social good.