Sun.Apr 14, 2024

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How to successfully transition from the for-profit to the nonprofit sector

Nonprofit Leadership Podcast

Many of those working in nonprofits, often started in the nonprofit space. This doesn’t mean of course that someone in the for-profit sector cannot transition over. In fact, it is becoming more common. Today’s guest, Colleen Kelly, did just that, switching to the nonprofit sector after working for 30 years in the for-profit world doing marketing and advertising.

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How to Use Email to Build a Legacy Giving Program

The Storytelling Nonprofit

A solid fundraising program has diverse streams of revenue and that includes legacy giving. Legacy giving is the process of getting gifts through wills and estates, and those gifts typically come in the form of cash, stocks, properties, or insurance. Legacy gifts are the ultimate gift to a non-profit and often are seen as the culmination of the relationship between the donor and the organization.