Mon.May 27, 2024

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Nonprofit Professional Development | Resources for Success

NonProfit Leadership Alliance

As a dedicated nonprofit professional, you understand the critical role of continuous learning in the field. The nonprofit sector is dynamic, shaped by technological advancements, ever-evolving trends, and shifts in marketing and public relations strategies. If you’re not learning in the field, you’re likely falling behind. This is where nonprofit professional development comes in.

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Creating a Talent Acquisition Approach for Your Nonprofit

Concord Leadership

Talent acquisition is a process that, when done correctly, can set your nonprofit up for long-term staff loyalty. Here’s how your nonprofit can get started. The post Creating a Talent Acquisition Approach for Your Nonprofit appeared first on The Concord Leadership Group, LLC.

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Two Girls, A Little Boat, And 3 Big Lessons About Power

Fundraising Leadership

Issue 260— May 27, 2024 The weather app said rain would start at 3pm. I met Camille Jalandoni and Justyna Kedra , founders of WeRule for a walk in Central Park at 12:30 thinking I’d be home well before the downpour. I’m a big fan of walking meetings, and we had a purpose for this one: to talk about partnering to make the new WeRule mentoring app available to Take The Lead participants.