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5 AgTech Must-Haves for Smarter Agriculture Software

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5 AgTech Must-Haves for Smarter Agriculture Software The agricultural industry has come a long way since the days of manual labor and traditional farming methods. Today, technology plays a vital role in modern agriculture, allowing farmers and agriculture workers to increase productivity, reduce waste, and make more informed decisions.

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AGCO Agriculture Foundation Launches Call for Applications for Grant

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AGCO Agriculture Foundation announced the launch of its refined Call for Applications for Grant 2023 for the advancement of quality education, research, and innovation in agriculture. The Foundation invites nonprofits and institutions registered as charitable or nonprofit organizations to apply for grant funding.


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Understanding Farmworkers’ Agricultural Dust Exposure Risk

NonProfit Quarterly

Agricultural farming has always been difficult, often dangerous work. It doesn’t help that the agricultural industry is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution, making dust exposure particularly hazardous for farmworkers. Agricultural farming has always been difficult and often dangerous work. And he’s not wrong.

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From Food Pantry to Urban Farming: Food Justice Lessons from Camden

NonProfit Quarterly

One strategy for achieving that vision is to support urban agriculture and community agency, giving people the chance to produce their own food. Advancing urban agriculture in Camden. VF enables large-scale agricultural production in environments where space and soil are limited. Food Justice Innovation Hub.

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What Nigeria Can Teach the US About Food Insecurity

NonProfit Quarterly

In Nigeria, as in the US, people are looking for ways to fight food insecurity and maintain agricultural production amidst climate change and the changing rainfall patterns—including increased flooding—that it is triggering. Floodplain agriculture allows floodwaters to deposit nutrient-rich sediment across a wide area.

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IBM and Google Commit $150 Million for Quantum Computing

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Prest Plus, the University of Kentucky has received $100 million for its College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment, and Yosemite National Park will use a $17 million grant to restore its most popular trails and make other improvements.

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Impact Investing for the Missing Middle in Agri-Finance

Stanford Social Innovation Review

The Missing Middle Agriculture is a central economic pillar in rural communities, especially in developing countries. In some developing countries, up to two-thirds of the population are employed in agriculture, a sector that can account for more than 25 percent of GDP. But how and where? Is external financing available? Affordable?

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