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Nonprofit Radio for March 20, 2023: #23NTC & Is A Social Enterprise For You?

Tony Martignetti

Tamra Ryan: Is A Social Enterprise For You? What are these and how … Continue reading Nonprofit Radio for March 20, 2023: #23NTC & Is A Social Enterprise For You? Amy Sample Ward, NTEN’s CEO and our technology contributor, tells us what’s in store. Tamra Ryan: Is A Social Enterprise For You?

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Free Stock Photos for your Nonprofit, NGO or Social Enterprise

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

Get thousands of free stock photos for your nonprofit, NGO or Social Enterprise. We’ve compiled a list of free breathtaking stock photos for nonprofit organizations, NGO’s and Social Enterprises which you can use right away for your website, mailing list, social media or other online and offline activities.


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No, social enterprise and earned revenues will not solve nonprofits’ funding problems

Non Profit AF

Hi everyone, for those who missed the Unicorns Unite’s 5-year virtual reunion event on Valentine’s Day, the other co-authors and.

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Ep251: This Social Enterprise is Using Shea Butter to Grease Wheels of Progress for African Women

Selfish Giving

Her social enterprise Shea Yeleen markets and distributes high quality skincare products, while providing living wages to cooperative members in Northern Ghana. How does that organization partner with Shea Yeleen the social enterprise business? How did your experience in the Peace Corps lead to what you’re doing today?

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Global Bank Executive Moonlights as Owner of a Social-Enterprise Restaurant

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

By Drew Lindsay. courtesy of Share Hope. April Tam Smith’s restaurant in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen gives people jobs with dignity, and the proceeds go toward several charities, including one that starts schools in war-torn Congo.

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How Policy Is Building a Social Economy in South Korea

NonProfit Quarterly

Today, Korea’s social and solidarity economy is increasingly mature—with a system of national legislation supporting four types of solidarity economy enterprises: self-sufficiency enterprises, social enterprises, village community enterprises, and cooperatives. Here is the story of their development.

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Free webinar: How to sustain your nonprofit through social enterprise

Nonprofit Marketing Blog

One way to do this is with a social enterprise model. Nonprofits that apply the best practices of businesses and explore earned income strategies can open up new opportunities for revenue streams through fees for service, production of goods, or for-profit enterprises. Check out the details below.