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Ethical Storytelling: A Guide for Nonprofits

NonProfit PRO

Here are tips to help your organization become a more honest and ethical storyteller. Nonprofit organizations rely on the support of others to help them tackle some of the world's most challenging problems. One of the most powerful ways of reaching supporters is through storytelling.

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5 Tips for an Ethical Digital Marketing Strategy

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However, it's becoming essential to do it ethically. They also provide a path and a place where you can engage with the public on a deep level, building relationships and generating goodwill.

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A Set of Ethical Principles Can Help Philanthropy Regain Public Trust in the Field

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

By Kathleen Enright With the release this week of guidelines for building trust in the philanthropic world, the head of the Council on Foundations is calling on grant makers to hold each other accountable for maintaining high ethical standards.

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Fundraising Ethics In Higher Education


Every profession likes to claim ethics are essential to its success. Fundraising ethics isn’t an option but a necessity. I think the best way to illuminate the day-to-day application of ethics in fundraising is to examine actual examples that arise among fundraisers, management, and donors. But integrity is squarely at the top.

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One Big Change to Make for Ethical Storytelling

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Nonprofit client storytelling can often be a cringe-worthy topic. Instead, here's how to create content that supports clients.

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Ethical Nonprofit Storytelling: How to Interview Your Beneficiaries for Stories & Appeals

Donorbox Nonprofit

An authentically, compassionately, and respectfully told story has the ability to mobilize action like no statistic or […] The post Ethical Nonprofit Storytelling: How to Interview Your Beneficiaries for Stories & Appeals appeared first on Nonprofit Blog. That is the power of storytelling.

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Effective and Ethical Creative [New Guide]

Nonprofit Marketing Guide

It’s really all about creating communications that are effective AND consistent with your values and ethics. M + R has released a new guide called Direct Response Creative for Nonprofits: Theory and Practice. That rather dry name belies the very interesting content inside. Where might that NOT be the case.

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